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i feel your taste all the time we're apart

music — annie lennox — lean back
Welcome to my journal, and thanks for coming. This journal is now friends-only. I no longer post here much anymore, even though I have a perm account; I mostly use my journal for surfing ONTD and other communities. The content I used to post varied between my personal life (school, work, friends, more school), memes, music, civil rights issues, and intense geekery. Amazingly enough, this journal is now 10 years old. Thanks to all my old friends who still have this thing added. I love you guys.

27-year-old gal from southern Ohio, USA. neurodiverse secular humanist Jewish lesbian feminist. likes music (listening and performing), stories (reading/watching and writing), art (enjoying and creating). sleeps a lot, gets distracted, is perhaps judgmental. sort of lewd. cusses a lot. secretly very paranoid. loves making people laugh.


Note: If you friend me on other sites, please let me know who you are on LJ/where I know you from with a message. Some of these sites (in bold) I'm on more than others.

Plurk @ Twitter @ Last.fm @ Pinterest @ Delicious @ YouTube @ DailyMotion @ RateYourMusic @ deviantART @ Tegaki E @ MyAnimeList @ AniVide @ MMMDI @ QBN @ we ♥ it @ Discogs @ Bleach Asylum @ Formspring


Donate to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation


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- Hover your mouse over the banner image to see a list of fandoms each site has art for. The fandoms with the most art on the site will be listed first. Some of these sites no longer post new art for the fandom I originally linked them for (Bleach, most likely) but you can still look at past works which are wonderful.
- PLEASE DO NOT take advantage of these links in order to use this beautiful art for any kind of graphics, including LJ icons! This is not your art! Be respectful!



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This must be a new post, huh? I haven't seen this one yet! :P

It's sort of new XD; I made it a sticky so you wouldn't have seen it on your f-list. Maybe I should link it in a regular entry so more people will know about it in case they want to browse the links.

If you're into Jump series, there is some REALLY good fanart there, you should definitely check it out :)

I should friend you tbqh

I would be happy to have you bb! And I would definitely friend you back :)

=D! Excellent. What could go wrong when we have Amuro love in common?!

add me back bb, this is xretrophysical ~

Your faves are <3


Sorry I didn't notice this earlier. :) Consider yourself added.

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